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The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a small hatchback that boasts a truly stunning kerb appeal and performance statistics that make it able to compete with both the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A3. The Giulietta is the best looking hatchback on the market and this sense of style pervades the interior of the car too, which is both luxurious and sporty. The exterior bodywork has been designed with aggressive lines, giving the Giulietta a sporting attitude reminiscent of the finest supercars, while the interior confounds all expectations by being large enough to comfortably accommodate the needs of a growing family. 

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The general perception of Alfa Romeo cars is that they are on the whole quite efficient given their size. In recent years however, perhaps in response to the change in public feeling towards such matters, the manufacturer has made considerable changes to their designs in order to make their cars even more environmentally efficient. Most people looking at buying a powerful motor vehicle in this day and age have to weigh up what matters more to them, the car’s power and performance, or its environmental impact. Happily the modern Alfa Romeo is manages to find a perfect balance between the two concerns. Everyone knows that Alfa Romeos are renowned for boasting very powerful engines, but thanks to the introduction of some cutting edge technology that reduces the motor’s carbon emissions, Alfa Romeos have become a far more eco-friendly option, making them the perfect choice for people who both want a powerful vehicle, but also don’t want to be harming the environment more than they have to.

Alfa Romeos are also designed to be long-lasting and durable, so you should be able to keep running your new efficient choice for many years. They are also easy to maintain, being well engineered and requiring little maintenance. Alfa Romeo bodywork is characterised by sleek lines and is of a durable nature. Mud and dirt doesn’t find the Alfa Romeo body a particularly hospitable place to attach to, meaning off-roading can be a pleasure, particularly in modern Alfa Romeos, as you know there will be minimal tiresome cleaning to be done afterwards.

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